MakDeezil from Zimbabwe/U.K : First name Leroy, last name Makuwatsine, his stage name came about in his youth whilst living in the US, given to him by his young friends, whom upon meeting him had difficulty pronouncing his full last name, so MAK was born, all through child hood his friends referred to him as MAK….DeeZiL came about recently, whilst observing the fact the Diesel, as in OIL, is all around us, in fact OIL makes the world go around. Being proud of who he is and the color of his skin he adopted the stage Moniker, Mak DeeZiL.

Listen to hit single Supply Demand:  here  

Watch She bad: here

The Last poets(founding fathers of Hip Hop):The Last Poets is the name for several groups of poets and musicians who arose from the late 1960s African-American civil rights movement’s black nationalist movement. The name is taken from a poem by the South African revolutionary poet Keorapetse Kgositsile, who believed he was in the last era of poetry before guns would take over. The original users of that name were the trio of Felipe Luciano, Gylan Kain, and David Nelson.Inspirational interviews carried out by Pape Bathie Pouye of Senegal.

Link 1

Link 2

Mark Obeyz from Germiston,JHB South Africa

Listen to:  IDGAF

Black Noise  from South Africa

Watch here: Black is Back

AbNorm from Zimbabwe

Download mixtape: These Nutz

Download Poverty: here

Versatyl and Pilgrim from Nigeria/UK :Pilgrim is a PhD student of economics in the UK and Versatyl is an undergraduate student of computer engineering also in the UK. The group arose from the underground Hip-hop and art movement in 2010, Pilgrim has been emceeing since 1996 and Versatyl began producing and sampling Hip-hop and soul records in 1999. Pilgrim released the album, “The Rising Sun” in December 2009. The record received critical underground acclaim, but very little commercial success.  Pilgrim started the University of Birmingham Hip-hop society and ran it with the help of Versatyl and other local Hip-hop heads in Birmingham.

Watch here: Link 1
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R.A.N from the south of England. With his unique sound and style he has worked his way into the hearts of those who have had the chance to catch one of his live shows. He has recently taken on music full time, and has spent countless hours in the studio hard at work, as well as several hours a week performing at popular venues around the south of England. His versatility as singer and songwriter has allowed him to fuse lyrics to musical projects that span across several different genres. With his roots set in Ghana, his home established in the UK, and his heart living in North America, R.A.N desires to create music that stretches to all people and cultures.

No Scrubs Mash up: Listen here

Still Dre Mash up: Listen here

SuuthSayerSuphreme from Lesotho feat North Carolina American  Azon Blaze. Suuth has done production work for artists and crews locally and internationally; his collaborators include: BigBar, DBN, MicReign, Melly-M, TsowTang, Core Wreckah, Nate Glace, b.1000, Carbonic-P, (GSF), Azon Blaze, T-Mech, Poc-Logic, Isosceles, Nov1ce, Futuristic, Three Piece Suit, SkyBlew, Sarah Kaboom, & Lady Ki to mention a few; he has also done remixes of well-known as well as upcoming artists’ tracks; he has also produced theme music for radio programs locally.

Listen to Eternal: here

*To be continued,these tracks and songs and new uploads will be updated regularly.These are tracks submitted by readers and subscribers to AHH and are listed according to date of submission and in no particular order.Enjoy!

LeCore Noah feat Micheal Blackson Cheick O. Sacko aka H.U.L also known as LeCore Noah is a songwriter and producer of his own music.  He began to write at the age of 11 and has never put the pen down ever since.  As a recording artist and entertainer, H.U.L has performed in well known musical venues in the United States including Madison Square Garden, Late Night With Conan O’Brien on NBC Network and has featured his music videos on television networks like Fuse and LC2 Internationale TV (An online television network based in France, Canada, U.S.A, and Benin airing in 32 countries in Africa currently).

Cheick “H.U.L” Sacko aka LeCore Noah is no rookie to the music business. In 2006, he has written, recorded, produced and published an independent full recording album titled The Kore released on indiecentric.com, tunecore.com, CDbaby.com, and hulyrics.com. Due to a second album self-title Hot Unstoppable Lyrics bound to release at the top of the year, he will again entice the musical world of hip-hop and rhythm and poetry with his catchy hooks, wordplay and profound messages. As a business owner of an artist development and recording studio, he tends to do exactly that, which is to attract the best vocalists and create great music of hip-hop and R n B that the world loves. Today Mr. Sacko devotes his time and skills to train and guide other talented artists and musicians in the path of independence and career management as a mentor, songwriter, and music consultant.

Listen to Thee American Way

Watch video here

 Genda– a Liberian/sierra leonean artist based in Germany. His upcoming Album “Follow My Footsteps” which is set to be released Aug 26th is a natural blend of cultural mixes gathered from the countries he`s been exposed to, during the travels with his Father.This guys are like the Fugees 2.0,his brand of music encompasses hip hop soul,Jazz and R & B.

Listen& Watch Gendas music here
Link 2

Blitz and Sarkodie– Ghanian hip hop rap heavyweights,this track is a club banger called Internationally Known,the boys bring the fire on this one,taking no prisoners.

Listen to Internationally Known here

Killa Kish and Yung Da ‘Tell Em: Killa Kish For the longest time, Sundays were reserved for watching television’s first national hip-hop program, “Yo! MTV Raps.” Among the artists featured was Killa, nicknamed for his on-stage performance, who made a name for himself all the way from his war-torn homeland of Eritrea to Switzerland where he was granted refugee status.Collaborating with Yung Da’ Tell Em born Simon Scott from Dumas Arkansas in this track called Cocaine.

Listen to Cocaine here

BABA, an artiste/rapper/producer based in the United Kingdom. Coming from a rich musical heritage, Baba is the son of jazz legends Fran & Tunde Kuboye, and has Afrobeat King, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti as a great-uncle. Baba grew up surrounded by top notch & celebrated jazz & afro-beat musicians, often times performing with his parent’s band (The Extended Family Jazz Band) at the world renowned Jazz 38 Club on Awolowo Road in Ikoyi.  Whilst Baba’s music is hugely influenced by his jazz and afro-beat roots, his sound is an eclectic mix of urban afro-hip hop.
BABA is hitting the music scene with a hugely infectious, feel good hip-hop song for your listening pleasure titled “BABA DE BABA” from his label Down4Whateva Entertainment.  Brilliantly produced by the rapper & producer, “Baba de Baba” is sure to get you bopping your head & on your feet.
Baba delivers a superbly produced up-tempo & infectious track, coupled with a witty & catchy word play on Baba de Baba.
The accompanying video was shot in Florida.

Watch Baba here

Boogey Listeners of our radio station would have heard his lyrical shadowboxing on 5.am in Lagos ,those insane rhymes covering the Drake tune,the rapper returns in this official music video called Sanctum.Signed to AbOriginal Music Label,the rapper known as The Boogey Monster drops another pearl.

Watch Sanctum here

*To be continued,these tracks and songs and new uploads will be updated regularly.These are tracks submitted by readers and subscribers to AHH and are listed according to date of submission and in no particular order. Enjoy!