Almost a year in the making, here is The Sequel, the second mixtape created entirely by members of the forums. The first collection, called ‘Africanhiphop: the Naija chapter’ (2007) gained a lot of interest worldwide (read up here and download here).

Like its predecessor, this new volume was initiated in the discussion forums and most communication happened right there (this thread). It took a while for all contributions to be sent in, but the result is stunning. The Sequel shows the power of the joined forces of the online African hip hop community and it’s a good example of music production and distribution in the modern age.
Overseen by MHP, The Sequel features beats by five different producers and vocals by emcees from all over the continent.

Download the mixtape here (zip file, 69 MB). You can also preview/stream the individual tracks here (Reverbnation).

1. Intro
2. To Be An African by JRox, Thugga, Dope G and Verbal Assasin
3. Live by Nfeeltraita
4. Another Day by Fecko tha Emcee
5. Serial Killah by Rapsom’ and G.A.B. (both of SoulJazz)
6. Sublime Freestyle
7. Eye For An Eye by Synik (Zimbabwe)
8. Well Well by Sacramento (He’s late now… R.I.P.)
9. Don’t Stop Playin’ by Dominant-1, The Holstar and Illuminate
10. Gone Away by Al Kani
11. Reminsce by MHP (of SoulJazz)
12. Floorgates Freestyle (Low Budget Mix) by Kyt
13. Swarthy Soul Skit
14. Eye For An Eye Part 2 by Synik, MHP and P-Rex
15. Modern Day Slavery by G.A.B., Suicide, Rapsom’ and eL-P
16. Skit
17. Bring It On by Dagreen, MHP and Syblime
18. Places I’ve Been by Da Nameless and Grandson
19. African Boy by Ik Sl!ck and partner
20. Ride Wit U by Dagreen and Slick da Soul Singa
21. Illest Brotha by G.A.B.(of SoulJazz)
22. Pure Love by The Holstar and Krytic
23. Calm by The Subjects
24. Outro

Bonus Track
25. Old News by Rapsom’ and MHP

Production Credits
Tracks 7,8,14,17 produced by Dagreen
Tracks 5,15,25 produced by Rapsom’
Track 10 produced by Rapsom(Hook done by MHP)
Track 2 produced by TeckZilla
Track 9 produced by Zero a.k.a. The Apprentice
Tracks 3,4,11,13,22,23,24 produced by MHP
Track 20 produced by Slick da Soul Singa

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