It’s that time of the year – African hip hop radio is back in the building after a few weeks spent behind the scenes, focusing on foundation work, the annual Doin’ it in the Park festival and preparing our upcoming travels to Congo, Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya and Senegal. As you may have gathered through the @africanhiphop twitter stream, we are no longer doing the weekly Dutch shows on FunX, but the regular (like, almost monthly) shows will be coming to you straight from the motherland and the diaspora.

Photo above: Core Wreckah, the latest addition to the African Hip Hop Radio dj team
Photo on top of the page: Spec Boogie live at ZIFF, Zanzibar 2010

In this edition we are (again) welcoming a new member to the dj team! Core Wreckah (see pic above), who we first met on the African hip hop forums, is originally from the kingdom of Lesotho, and currently studying in Cape Town. He’s also part of Corporate Nemesis. In his first show you can listen to fresh tunes from all over SA.

The rest of the show comes from Botswana (extra long show of 3 hours), Zimbabwe and Tanzania / the Netherlands. The latter is a mashup of J4’s playlist of the month with exclusive interviews conducted by D Willy in Zanzibar with studio guests Spec Boogie (USA) whose new album Introspective is out now, Ras Kofi (Guyana) and Anton & Sonority of London’s Kori Arts project who were all performing at this year’s ZIFF (Zanzibar International Film Festival) in July.

Enjoy over six hours of African hip hop radio for this month:

Part 1 (D Willy, Zanzibar/Tanzania & J4, Netherlands)
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Part 2 (Core Wreckah, South Africa)
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Part 3 (Chyll & MJ, Zimbabwe/UK/Australia)
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Part 4 (James Kebu, Botswana)
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After listening to these shows, make sure you check out James Kebu’s other Podtape shows, XBC Jumpoff podcast, the Hits FM page by D Willy, and Core Wreckah’s blog.

Kori Arts at ZIFF, Zanzibar 2010. Pic by Peter Bennett, ZIFF

Playlist: J4 & D Willy, Zanzibar & Netherlands
01. JCB – Sitowasahau
02. KRS One – What I know (previously unreleased)
03. Nneka – Heartbeat remix ft Nas
04. Spec Boogie – Bed Stuy
05. QC, Ndugus and Kaktas – Haina waas
06. Wasted Boyz – Remember
07. Tumi and the Volume – Asinamali
08. LMNZ (feat. Sri Ram (Sanskrit), Johnny Ge (Singhalese), Terror MC (Afrikaans), Sylvester (Lugaflow) – My last resort
09. Makkan J – Reupeuteul

Playlist: Core Wreckah, Cape Town, South Africa
01. Proverb – Hip hop
02. AKA (ft. Pro) – I want it all
03. Teargas – Go away
04. Young Nations (ft. Tamarsha) – Murda (I’m back)
05. Anonynous – The way I role
06. Amu (ft. Ish) – Late nite
07. Cashless Society – Accidental heroes
08. Third World Riders – I’m not a thug
09. Ewok – Shame on the game
10. Rattex – Welcome to Kalcha
11. Jaak – Afrikaans
12. Tumi (ft. Tairo) – Villages and malls
13. Zubz – A different life; live it up
14. HHP (ft. Nazizi) – Daraja

Playlist: James Kebu, Botswana
1. Touch Motswak’Tswak – Always
2. Bonology – I’ll Always Luv U [instrumental]
3. Ill-uSHEN – Stand Up
4. Arch Angell Hands Aloof Read Their Palms Introducing Dimension The Third, Ngozi, Godemit, Chilliman – By the River
5. Make Sense – Wants & Needs
6. Zeus – Badiragatsi
7. Fehla Boy – [instrumental]
8. Sick Bunch – I’m Hungry
9. EQ – Somethin’
10. CozyGod – Street Hunger
11. Orakle – Radio
12. Krafty – Moment [instrumental]
13. Nomadic – Conscious Ones
14. High Priest – Do the Deep
15. Khwezi – WTF
16. Sonshine – New Old Consciousness
17. HT – A-Z [skit]
18. OnE-Up – We Call It Love [instrumental]
19. Billy Slugz, AD – I Aint Bailing
20. Keb, Zeus & Samba – If You Been
21. A.T.I – Skeleton
22. The BreeD – WAR [instrumental]
23. Bonology – [instrumental]
24. The OmegA Man – What the World Needs [instrumental]
25. HsP – Promo: HsP All Stars Moshito Compilation vol. 1
26. Konkrete, GP, Da Kidd – YGG
27. K9 The Baker The Pedigree – Do Dat [instrumental]
28. Zeus, Enigma, Kast, Tref, Chub Heightz, Billy Slugz, Spurt, Touch MotswakTswak, Scar, Cibil Nyte – Get Up & Go
29. Konkrete, Dice, Tafman, HT, K.E.B, SambaT, Ming, Apollo Diablo, Aether, Orakle, MiLez – Grown Folk
30. HT, Touch MotswakTswak, Mreppa, Lex, Nomadic, Konkrete, Apollo Diablo – Tswako Nation
31. Uncanny Sessmen – Homewreckass
32. SambaT – Arabian Knights
33. SambaT, Khwezi, Bekz Selalome, Kebuileng?, Tearless, Onkabetse – Not Tinking
34. MiLez – You!
35. Apollo Diablo ft. SambaT, Zeus – Botshelo Jona
36. MiLez ft. Zeus, SambaT – You! [remix]
37. Apollo Diablo ft. Towdee – Botshelo Jona [remix]

Playlist: Chyll & MJ, Zimbabwe/UK/Australia
1. Mizchif – Fashionable
2. Jnr Brown Freestyle
3. B.Sun a.k.a Kudakwashe – Wilderness
4. Snypa Kidd – Bars of Death
5. Scarrz & Tek – Already Know
6. Mau Mau – Mau Mau (Chishona)
7. MC Chita – Welcome To H City
8. Jo-e – Flashback
9. 4eva & Ahsayn – Superhero
10. Tamic – Vapfanha feat Fireflex & Shayndingz
11. Cindy – Zuva Rimwe
12. Xenon – Ready Tonight
13. JVince – Gonyeti
14. J-Boss – Flirt feat Tricky T
15. Cblud – Indian Girl
16. GPB – Go Babie
17. TK Paradza – Mr Liar feat Deach
18. Sisiyanti – Treat Me Right feat TKrued
19. T-Krued – Micablaze Finest feat Paperboy, JayBee, Orthodox SIX, Navy Seal, Robby, Enqore, DeTone & Prozac
20. G.T – Tanatswa feat Afri
21. MC Cut – I’m Ill Freestyle